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Image by Lukas Blazek

Our vision

At DFS, we:

  • Empower culinary visionaries

  • Empower marginalized communities

  • Bring Your Vision to life

  • Help you stand out

  • Make lasting food fans

Who we are

We pride ourselves on offering scalable solutions for culinary brands of all sizes. What does that mean? We get you from idea to reality. Or if your idea is already a reality, we give you a boost to get you where you want to be.


We can take you from  “I’ve always wanted to cook my food for people...”


“I’m making sales online through my own website, UberEats,  Door Dash, and all the rest. I have a following. I sell my food at special events. My catering and meal prep business has a stable client base. I’m opening my first, but not my last, restaurant.”


Our Focus

We solve all of the virtual hurdles for your kitchen/restaurant to get your culinary ideas live and making sales online.

We help culinary operators design authentic, original, delicious and data driven food concepts - menus, design & branding, websites, and ordering platforms - to get your concept in front of food fans and maximize sales.

We especially focus on helping those within marginalized communities to gain access to the cash, space, design, and digital resources to empower you as an entrepreneur and get your ideas into the community.

DFS has developed food concepts that can be franchised by operators in multiple markets.

DFS also works with existing culinary brands/concepts to bring your brand to a wider audience and give you access to a wider food fan base.

work with us

We have 3 tiers

You’re at the idea phase. You need capital, access to a kitchen, and everything else. We help you get from here to selling your food.


You already have a brand and people love your food. But you need a little help to get to the next chapter of accessing more fans to-be, catering clients getting placement at events and pop-ups, and a more robust virtual presence. We got you.


You have a brand and you have the fans and now you’re ready to scale and grow. We meet with you and bring in experts in the field to create an complete ecosystem for you and your brand to thrive with longevity, providing opportunity for all the communities that your touches.

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